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thought food. [11 May 2009|11:56am]
I've been thinking a lot about the things I eat and the things I buy.
Dan just recently lent me "The Omnivore's Dilemma" which I have been reading.
I have been a vegetarian for a few years now, most recently, and was for five years before I went to college. I've been raised to chose whole wheat, unproccessed, fresh over white, proccessed, frozen. I've been flirting with veganism now for several months because of a close friend who is vegan and is an interesting influence. I always drink soy or almond milk and buy vegan cheese and when I go out to eat which is super rarely I don't often buy things that have eggs, cheese or milk in them. "Mushroom Matar hold the cream"

Additionally perhaps because of my exposure to learning the intricacies of packaging and branding in all my co-ops over the last few years I've been more and more aware of how controlling and creepy and psychological the marketing business is. I ultimately don't trust an industry that is all about irresponsibly creating desire for inferior products. You can go into all kinds of moral debates about how reckless this industry is. You control people and drive an economy into a recession by convincing the public that they need and are defined by the products that they buy. People no longer think about what they need "I need a new pair of shoes, mine have holes in them" but what they want. Built in obsolescence.

For a good simple explanation of how this happened watch this series by the BBC. It's about how Freud's ideas about the unconscious were utilized by psychologists and sociologists post WWII to consciously shape the consumption driven mindset of our society. Purposefully they sought to make buying the new nationalism in America, to control people and keep them docile, out of fears that the human being untamed was wild and capable of great evil.

Century of The Self: E02 - The Engineering of Consent
"The programme explores how those in power in post-war America used Freud's ideas about the unconscious mind to try and control the masses.

So I've tried to live my life consciously. I buy less and less, not just because I'm poor. I get really excited when I fix things that are broken or find a new solution. I just made a new bed by buying five industrial paint buckets, a giant piece of plywood and a mattress. I take plants from burnet woods and put them in old jam and condiment glass jars and take care of them until they get big, then I prune them off and give them to friends.

Last summer we had the Really Free Mobile Market at our house for a couple of months, which is an anti consumerist, slightly anticapitalist idea that most major cities in the US have regularly; you basically have a free barter market. Also I spent about five months co-organizing GRASS which was a huge trunk show event at the Niehoff Community Design Center in Cincinnati designed to give artists and designers who are independent a platform to sell their things and be known. I spend my money supporting my friends and independent creators who are like tiny fish in a big sea.

But what I guess I'm saying is, its not enough. Its easy to get a little self satisfied if you are living a lifestyle that is significantly different than most of the population, but truly its a drop in the pond.

And I'm not talking about sustainability or poverty. If I see another graphic design or crafty company dedicated to sustainability I will scream. It's something that should be agiven, an awareness of the world around you, and your place in it. It shouldn't be a selling point. Of course not eating meat is the best thing you can possibly do for world poverty and sustainability. Duh. Of course you should be aware of what effects the things you make and buy have on the world. Duh. I feel like its lazy to make this your selling point. I am all about experimental, innovative, new ideas, conceptual thinking, GOOD design. And most design that relies on sustainability to be its separating factor is lazy and bad. You can never view something without cultural context. And sadly sustainability has become an empty trend. Full of catch phrases and color cues and not full of anything that's truly that different than what else is out there.

It's just despite making these choices, I still feel utterly disconnected with the food I eat, the environment I am surrounded by. Reading an ingredient label is mind boggling. The culture of self-gratification is absurd.

What happened to eating for pleasure, of real food, bread and wine and fruit by the beach. Not the guilt and the bewildering psychological mind control of diets and processed food. Of bloated appetites and Jenny Craig. It's all tied together, poverty, food, obesity, guilt psychological control, the government.

I'm just annoyed. This is why I'm going to grad school as soon as possible. So I can avoid the inevitable.

I just feel like if people were more aware of the power they wield as a consumer, and were more selective, our society would be forced into a more healthy one. Our most internal fears are being preyed upon in order for people to make money. "Buy Rogaine! You'll be sexy!" And simultaenously we are being force fed food that makes us fat and unhealthy, prone to cancer and sickness. I'm a total hypocrit, because altghough I eat very healthy I am still very addicted to ciggarettes, which is just as bad.
But I'm trying to be more aware. Healthier, less in debt, more connected with the world we live in, more creative in the things we do own. Thrifty. Like our grandparents.
Food for thought. (I just died as I typed that pun)
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Ma ligne de chance [18 Jan 2009|04:33pm]

I am trying to culturally conform, its been a few weeks since I got back from Europe I guess. Still its strange. Keep getting into the wrong side of cars still. Been reading a lot of ponystep & dazed & confused. My computer is in denial that I've left, I still have my time and weather widgets set to London time and weather and my facebook network is still on Bristol. It's pretty hilarious, the facebook-region targeted advertisements are all so...for lack of a better word, British. "Fancy a curry delivered to your humble abode? Dial +44 345 8898" I kid you not.

Cincinnati has its modest charms. I am exasperatingly busy this quarter. I have 18 credit hours including some classes I'm really pleased about; lithography & oscar's universal symbols in a healthcare environment class. As well as developing my thesis. I instated a rule at the beginning of the quarter which I have yet to follow, the only go out 1 night a week rule. Hah. Anyways looking back on this list plus my regular thesis I really regret going out last night. I am always working at the student newspaper The News Record three days a week sometimes till midnight. Ok I know a lot of people work during school, but I haven't not since freshmen year and not because I got money from my parents, I have not gotten anything for the last three years, but somehow I could save enough from co-op everytime to just barely last me through the school quarter and pick up extra money from my jewelry-nonsense.

But I blew all my money in Europe which was obviously worth it.

But now I'm a tired working woman. Anyway I like it, I love being busy and productive and I don't regret Europe at all, besides being an amazing character building personal growth thing, it made me refreshed and renewed and excited by my major for the first time in a long time. I have so many scattered interests, sometimes I spread myself too thinly. The phrase "Jack of all Trades" originally had the subline of "Jack of all Trades, Master of none" I've had some exciting developments in many of my side projects, but now I feel really excited and focused on graphic design. Which hasn't happened for maybe three or four years. I'm excited for my thesis, I'm excited to work on sideprojects for international competitions, I'm excited for my motion piece this quarter! I will be doing Un Chien Andalou which is a 17 minute short film written by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali and one of my favorite pieces of art of all time.

My new plan is to (try) to get into graduate school at Central St. Martins in London. I'm moving to NYC this summer with Erin and hanging out there till I can get my act together financially & educationally & legally in order to go. You get a visa for studying graduate school then a visa for two years after to work. So I could potentially legally live and work in England for four years.

I have too much to do that I haven't gotten to explore, conceptually, in undergraduate. Getting more education makes sense to me.I can't wait to go to a school where my ass gets kicked and I have teachers who are under the age of 70. I've milked DAAP dry of any usefullness long ago.

winter is unhealthy.
must. detox. soon.
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La Bohème [26 Dec 2008|03:02am]
im back in the us...
in the last three days ive been in london, bristol, paris, amsterdam, istanbul, memphis, st. petersburg and tampa! Mostly layovers and silly things like saying goodbye. But god am I tired.
Paris is where I was last weekend. Visiting my friend Valentine. Her boyfriend cut my hair.
I saw the Louvre, Trompe d'loeuil, Montmarte (spelling?)
Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, La Mechanique, Bastille. I cannot believe I only had three days there. I really wish I had more time. I did NOT want to do the normal dumb student tour thing where you are a tourist and only spend a few days in each country and dont really know what is going on. That's why I tried to spend a lot more time in fewer places. But Valentine invited me, I never have been, I had about 100$ left, so I went. Go for broke. Go all out or go home.

I am reluctant to give up my identity as the nomadic wanderer. I am reluctant to return to a settled clean regularly scheduled life. I am bored and sober and nonsmoking at my parents new house in florida.
American accents sound so awful to me. Especially southern. I am trying not to be annoyed, didnt I just learn all these valuable life lessons about how similar everyone is in Istanbul? Despite different religions and cultures, we are all so similiar. It's hard though. I am definetly irritated. So incredibly beautiful, both paris and Istanbul. I have a lot to say about both, but maybe I need to think a little about it first.
Welcome home to America, full of fat, sloppily dressed people with bad shoes, loud voices, big cars and chain restaurants.
It is what it is.
There are a lot of great things about america.
Im trying to work some of my frustration and boredom out here and with my brother, before I return to cincinnati, so I dont become "one of those people" you know, those people who obnoxiously refer to their travels constantly and only talk about how great it was etc. etc. So I apologize for ranting here. I am fresh off the boat. Have only been around 3 americans in the last three months and most likely 100's of nonamericans.

I feel humbler leaving and coming back. I feel smaller. The world is a big place, and I am not really that important. I loved seeing and hearing and being. I loved being the only person from my country in groups of people.

I have all these great moments in my mind.
- Riding the metro in paris with Valentine, listening to an old French man play the guitar in the metro car and try to sing "When the Saints Go marching in" in heavily accented English.

- Riding on the ferry in Istanbul to karakoy with ten thousand seagulls following the boat as the sun went down on the ocean, crossing from the european side to the asian side.

- Hearing the prayer call at the Blue Mosque and watching all the tiny old women come in to pray.

- Smuggling wine into the istanbul airport with carsten, my beautiful german friend came to spend the whole night keeping me awake (I had to catch a flight at 5:30 AM and I arrived in Istanbul at 8 PM the night before) I visited Istanbul for two weeks earlier, but had to come back to catch my flight back to the US. We sat up the whole night drinking wine and talking and running around the airport.

- when jilly stopped a fight between ignorant southern london boys and a polish boy in the london underground tube. it was a harmonious moment, where because of the wise words of an outspoken girl, different people forgot their differences.

- gay club in istanbul, partying in the grandson of the sultan's house, steven, cartsen, nihls, tobias, dmitrias, anine, jill, lee, andy, antonin, valentine, germain, fred, heleen, knowing i have a place to stay and warm friends if i want to go to spain, germany, sweden, norway, belgium, france, greece or england.


now the final question is, i got 300 $ for christmas. Do i put it in a new computer fund (badly needed) or do i go to NYC for new years eve to visit dan.
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cutting the stuff. [26 Nov 2008|04:22pm]
God I'm tired.
I've have been traveling for 8 weeks now. 4 more weeks to go.
Since I got back from Budapest, all I have been doing is sleeping.
I find it incredible to remember that I have approximately 10 trashbags of clothes waiting for me in cincinnati.
I only brought a backpack to budapest, and when I came back to england I was shocked to remember that I still left 1/2 the contents of my small suitcase here. I wear the same stuff over and over again.
The great thing is that I really don't need anything.
I eat potato pasties(45 p) and pb&j sandwiches(10 p.) and smoke rolly tobacco, and I've lost a bunch of weight and my body feels muscley from walking all the time. It's like I really don't need anything. I feel like I could go anywhere and do anything and be fine. It is an amazing feeling to shed excess in your life, to trim it down to the essence of what is best, most poignant. I have clothes, I have sketchbook and jewelry supplies, I have journal. I have eyes to see things and ears to hear things.
When I was in budapest, my purse was stolen and I lost a lot of money, my oyster london transport card, my driver's licence, my camera, my credit card, my phone, etc.
But I don't need those things. I really need very little.
I feel like a tramp, but its sort of beautiful.

Getting back to the budapest airport may have been the hardest thing I ever did. I had just enough money to get back from the london airport to take the bus to bristol. No phone, no food, no credit card, and I don't speak Hungarian. I had to take two trains and then find the airport. They were Communist era trains where even the information people didnt speak english. My friends in bristol didn't know I was coming that day. I am notorious for getting lost even in cincinnati. If I got lost, or missed my plane I would be totally stranded, I had no where to stay and no one to call and no money for food or accomodations.
That sounds extreme, and maybe I have done harder things, but I can't even tell you the feeling of strength and accomplishment I felt when I finally got back to england. I seriously got back there by the skin of my teeth. I feel like I have this attitude now that I can seriously do absolutely anything.

I am so glad I did this on my own and with no one else and without a school tour group or guides.
If I would have just cowered along with some group of people I would have never known that I was capable of getting myself out of such dire situations.

Budapest was the best of times and the worst of times. I stayed with my friend who is studying there and she lives in a large house with many Erasmus students. Erasmus is a program in Europe where the students get PAID to study abroad for a year. So I hung out with French, Spanish, Belgium and Slovakians. It was amazing. They have money and their study abroad studies are easy so they have a sort of party death wish. They drink every night and live in this house of utter debauchery and sin, complete depravity. But you know it is fucking beautiful. These people where some of the most intellectually stimulating, literate, well-read people I have met in my life. Philosophy, film, literature, the arts...cultural differences, anything and everything were topics of conversation. Picture this: beat-poet, romantic self-destruction, the movie The Dreamers, the book On the Road, Howl, 20's depravity. Fucking beautiful.

It was amazing and awful to be in a non-English speaking country. I will clarify. I loved speaking Spanish with the Spanish guys, out of everyone who was nonSpainish I was probably the most fluent. It was also entertaining to speak in spanish with the French boys, because it was like we were on equal footing as far as language goes-Spanish being neither of our primary languages. There were downsides. Try discussing exsistentialism and nihilism and Nietsche and Schopenhaur with language difficulties. You try and most succeed but sometimes there were frustrated pauses. I find more than ever words are truly inadequate. But also, to stretch your brain and to try to express yourself in different languages is like diverting your thoughts down a different turn in the river. It inevitably leads you down a new path, an unfamiliar one. This is so refreshing.

French. I learned many useful french phrases. I am awful at spelling it since I learned it by listening. I was told I was very good though, except I have a very difficult time with the swallowed "r" thing they have going.

Phrases I learned-
"Tu es un fouf" You are a cunt
"Tu es un garcon atarde e feinante" You are a lazy retarded boy
"Putain" Fuck
"Merde" Shit
"Puis je acheter des ciggarettes?" Can I buy some ciggarettes
"Je suis irve" I am drunk
"Aller au diable" Go to hell
"Mon amour" My love
"Je ne voulons pas mourir seul" I don't want to die alone
"Je t'aime" I love you
"Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir" Do you want to sleep with me tonight?
"Por que paux" Why not.

Sorry If I totally butchered the spelling. The boys delighted in teaching us all dirtiest words.
So, why have I not mentioned any Hungarians? Because they hate us. I hung out with Western Europeans the entire time. If you are in Budapest and do not speak Hungarian, they will be fairly nasty to you. It is a huge ordeal just to order a coffee, let alone find your way accross the city (like I had to) maybe this puts it into perspective. I was stared at like an animal in the zoo because of my "different" haircut and my glasses. Budapest is very conservative, the girls dress like moms during the day and hoochies by night. My friend and I also got stalked. we walked up a secluded hill one day DURING THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY in attempts at looking at a national monument. A guy followed us up the whole way, cornered us and unzipped his pants and started masturbating in front of us. He then followed us down and we ran away. It was so terrifying because no one was around we could have easily had much worse happen to us. No one speaks english and we couldn't even call the police, they don't speak english either.

Ok, so it does seem hypocritical that I am complaining about lack of english. I tried to learn Magyar (their language) it is extremely difficult and everytime we tried to use the language people would just stare disgustedly at us and refuse to interact with us anymore. Even people who had been there for 3 months still couldn't say more than simple things like "hello" or thank you. Hungarians also have the lowest rate of multi-linguism in Europe meaning hardly anyone speaks anything except Hungarian. Also the language is very different from the Romance languages. I can for the most part figure things out if they are in french, spanish, or italian because there are a lot of similarities in words. You can at least guess. Magyar has NO resemblence. "Vino" is close to "wine" as an example of italian to english. But the Magyar word for wine is "bor" ha. Not even close.

Anyway. I am reminded of how much I need to improve my languages. The French I was staying with never complimented anyone, so if they did throw you a bone, you felt like a champion, and they said, "It is so nice to see an American speaking another language" when I was *trying to speak spanish. It made me happy, but once again, embarrassed for America.

This has been such a long post. But once again, I am truly glad to be myself on this trip. If I had been with a bunch of other Americans I feel like I would have been a tourist, I wouldn't have gotten to know anyone or done the things that europeans do normally. I would have just taken pictures and clung to the people I was with. I wouldn't have gotten a real honest opinion on my country like I am now. I'm not intimidating because there's only one of me. I'm not really worried about seeing the sights or doing touristy things, all though I've done a few of those, but more trying to be integrated in the culture and do the things that they do in that city. It didn't really work that way in Budapest, but god it was still amazing.

Next is istanbul, and maybe paris, to visit my new friends. I am so broke though its sad.
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Budapest [13 Nov 2008|05:43pm]
tomorrow I go to budapest. London is aces, felt like it violated me though, and I liked it. More abrasive than NYC. Loud, mean, crowded, I have never seen so many attention whores and so many brilliantly creative people packed so tightly in one spot.
I felt like it was an abusive relationship.. and I just kept coming back for more.
After London and NY I don't think I can go back to westcoast. I loved SF and it was beautiful, but it doesn't compare. it's like im spoiled now for anything else. Ryan took amazzzzing pictures of my jewelry in London.
pack time.
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[24 Oct 2008|11:37am]
london! london! one hour!
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International!! Jewelry! My second cousin! [17 Oct 2008|04:17pm]
I got my jewelry picked up by an awesome store in Bristol called Seven 7! I feel kind of strange that something like that could make me SO happy but I feel like I'm walking on air.
Im international styles!
this weekend Steven hired a car and we are going up to Stoke on Trent, Birmingham and Manchester, to see people and the countryside and meet his "mum" who is going to make me tea and love me, so I've been told. Then to pubs and friends and such. Sunday we are going to Northampton and seeing my (get this) second cousin perform at the Labour Club. My aunt sent me an email telling me her brother Rollin Hunt(so my second cousin) & his Italian viola-playing gf Anni Rossi are playing at Redland in BRISTOL of all places, how weird is that. Apparently they have been touring europe for years. I met him once when I was 12 and doubt he'll remember me but how bizaare is that he's my second cousin and we are both on this side of the planet.
I myspaced/googled/youtubed them and they are amazing! So so so good. I want to buy an album.
There are tons of youtube videos of them playing all over europe and people covering their songs and i think it seems like they are kind of famous! They are really good, like quirky folksy indie, viola, piano, guitar, Anni's voice is heartbreaking and Rollin is amazing as well.

Anni Rossi

Rollin Hunt

You HAVE to watch this video, its of them and they made the video like shot it and sang the music and performed it and it is a super mario opera with sock puppets.

London soon to be ryans photography model for his photo school, meeting up with steven again in London early nov. and staying with him and his best friend for a weekend. Then Budapest to see Claudia then back to bristol for a bit then a weekend in Paris then Istanbul to see Genevieve!
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on living in a different hemisphere [15 Oct 2008|10:47am]
I like england. I like living in england. I like that I am living here and not just visiting. I guess I am really just visiting but it feels like I'm living because I have a key and and address and friends.

I'm in Bristol now. Going to London, Budapest and Istanbul soon. I went to Bath, the Roman Spa, Wales, a welsh castle, plenty of pubs, gigs, and I've had enough chips curry and tea and biscuits to last me forever. I haven't bought a single article of clothing either. Just a few postcards. Everything is so damn expensive.

It's cliche to say that I have fallen in love with Europe, so I won't say that. I'm moving to NYC for the summer after I graduate (next summer) so then after that summer I'm really thinking about moving to England for real. I am the kind of person who generally fits in most places I move, but I seriously have never felt so at home anywhere. Everything just makes so much sense here. Everyone has been saying that too me too, like it's crazy you've only been here a few weeks, it feels like you've been here forever. I have been living with my friend Steven who visited me and lived in the art collective in SF, and we took him around and showed him the US (he's orginally from Manchester, UK) and now hes returning the favor with me. Anyway he's been insanely nice and we are becoming close, his housemates are lovely too. I've had so much time to think and wander, drawing and working on all my freelance projects and watching boats at Bristol Harborside, talking to random people, drinking tons of ace pear cider and brilliant beer.

I don't think it would be hard for me to move here. And if I don't fall in love with ny and get stuck there that's what I'm going to do.
A thing that really completely floored me about living here is just how self absorbed the US is. We are very self contained here. In England, American politics and American news are everywhere, on Tv constantly. Just as much as it is in the US if not more. I didn't really understand until my friend Steven said if America has a cold, the whole world sneezes. We are really worried McCain will win. It kind of amazes me after taking a step back. How insular we are. Here there are people of all nationalities coming in and out, I guess because its much closer to a larger variety of cultures in a small space (Europe)

I'm tired of hearing about politics. I'm tired of people asking me incredulously "Do you actually think McCain will win?" or "I don't understand how he even has a chance in America, we think of him as the grouchy old grandpa who would just make Europe look down on America even more, and bully the world, America is like a awkward arrogant rebellious teenager," I answer, I don't really know the US is a huge country, full of a wide variety of religions, viewpoints and philosophies. I can't answer for people who think that way.
Being here has made me appreciate the US and and yet also realize that when people try to justify a US weakness by arguing "Well it's so much worse in other countries, it may be bad here but its horrible elsewhere" are pretty wrong. The only other countries I have been to before this trip (for an extensive amount of time) are Mexico and Venezuela, which yes are definetly in a much more politically rough and corrupt environment.

But the UK? No way. Taxes are higher but healthcare is practically free, even for me if I got sick. School costs a considerable amount less than it does for us here, and student loans aren't crippling. Every week their politicians have to sit down and have the press and sometimes normal citizens ask them questions, real questions not talking points. Tony Blair had to face really hard questions constantly like "Why did you lead us into a war with Iraq by shakey evidence at best, lies at worst?" Can you imagine if George W. Bush would have had to answer that question?

Religion is not considered a platform to run off of on the contrary, it is a personal private thing that is not considered relevant in the political process. The press is not extremely partisan and distorted like FOX and CNN are because the BBC is funded by the people, here they have to pay a monthly TV license fee, which sounds kind of crazy but if it ensures a nonpartisan unbiased media source that doesn't have to answer to the political leanings of any one principal. It's kind of like if our PBS received a lot more funding and became the largest broadcaster of news in the US. I used to try to watch the BBC in America anyway it felt like a real source of global news.

The only things that I really think I enjoy about the US is the culture, music and art and literature. It takes stepping back to see something in a better light. I'm not trying to hate too hard, I was born here but it is sad to see how people of the world view you in a bad light, sobering, that we are greedy and gluttonous and wasteful and foolish and easily lied to. Nobody I've met here has been anything but so kind and interested in who I am and where I come from, these are some of the nicest people I have met in my life, kind, funny witty sarcastic and contented, I felt instantly at home and was instantly ushered into a large group of friends who were extrmeley interested in me and my culture. But the conversation would always inevitably turn to the negative traits of America, not in a way of judging me or even Americans just in a gentle like wow you guys have really gotten off track now, doesn't that make you frustrated?

I guess I have more to say but I'm tired.
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London, Buzzes, SF, New Orleans, Turkey? [16 Jul 2008|10:57am]

If my dreams and efforts came true this is what will happen:
Sept. 2nd-10th SF visits. K is flying me out, already have tix. Maybe for part of that week I might model in his fall fashion shoot in Monterray Bay, which would mean great camping good times with ally, moses, jamie, +others. Going to get a lovelovelove tattoo: K's drawing on my shoulderblade handdrawn and imperfect then tattooed by his best friend and my good friend Jon. It's going to be doubly significant and beautiful because it was handdrawn then rehanddrawn by two of the most significant people.

Sept 19th-22nd New Orleans with the Literary Orgy, a fine "writer's" club I am a member of. I think we would want to see Tenneesee Williams home & Faulkner and partake of the chocolate city.

Oct. 1rst. Hopefully I'm in London. till december.

It's looking like its pretty much set, but I'm holding off being excited because that's how I operate. I can't be excited till I know for sure.
I have two friends who are offering me places to stay, one in London, one in Bristol (hour away to London) I have a three week paid internship(very little pay though), and the promise of my friend to try to help me find another mini internship.
I have two and a half to three months to work with too, from oct. to dec.
I'm hoping to be free for at least a month or so so I can visit Genevieve in Turkey, and visit some more of europe. It's ideal for me to go now, while I'm in school because I can get a working visa blue card from BUNAC for six months from the international co-op program.
& I have free places to stay.
& I didn't get taxes taken out of my last co-op, so I have the money now that I would normally get as a tax refund in the spring... (which I'm crossing my fingers just means I won't get a tax refund, not that I won't owe huge amounts of taxes)
So, I know there are a few people who still read this, & whom have traveling experience, I've never been to europe, & don't knbow anything about international flight, getting my way around etc. I'd love tips, *cough ANNA MESSINGER!)

I'm insanely busy with school, have a motion class this quarter which I actually really like.

Got my jewelry in Mustard Seed boutique across the street.

I shaved my head. Well, my insanely talented friend Dieta who is a Bumble & Bumble star told me the only way she'd cut my hair is if I gave her complete artistic control.
I really like it actually.

Summer makes me feel sleepy all the time.
I haven't done yoga in three weeks.
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To Kill a Petty Bougeoisie [02 May 2008|10:19am]

Things that I love right now.
1. El Guincho. The Spanish Panda Bear. I'm serious.Pscyhedelia, tropicalia, steel drum-alia, sampling! Just listen to him. (photos 1 & 2)

2. Issey Miyake. Japanese fashion, I love, I love. (photo 3)

3. Googling my name. (refer to the bottom of this post)

4. Breaking my cleansing fast early with marinated raw kale salads from Cafe Gratitude. Even though I could make the damn thing myself for two dollars. I have a lot less willpower than I thought I did. I aimed for 3-5 days and only made it 2.5. Fasting is not for the faint of heart! Anyway food is delicious. & I think I got semi-cleansed. Right?
Anyway for the two people who asked about the cleanse, you should try it, it was an interesting experience. I'm posting a link that has information and the recipe This is what its based on http://www.therawfoodsite.com/mastercleanse.htm

5. Democracy Now podcasts. That frumpy old Amy Goodman is the voice of sanity.

What I am finding distasteful currently:
Stagnant people. I know people who like the same music, styles, & clothing that they did when they were a freshman in college. This is fine, whatever, I can't relate, obviously my taste changes quite frequently. But what is truly gets under my skin is when a person has the same mentality for years and years. Particularly people my age, should be exploring, discovering, experimenting, trying different thoughts and life philosophies and thought processes out. I suppose I think it's the people who think they have their place in the universe figured out at 22 and are too scared of trying anything to realize they are clearly under-estimating themselves.
I suppose I am against settling, maybe because I am so restless. I don't understand people who desire to get married and have kids and live in one place at this age. I want to go everywhere and see everything. I also don't have nostalgia for my teenage years. Everything amazing has been happening to me now, blows everything I knew before out of the water. I look forward to the future.

In other news, I would like to learn to speak Icelandic.


Google Images says this is an accurate picture of me. I am a doctor of engineering at Birmingham University.

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Vein press [28 Apr 2008|03:26pm]
I was written up in the sfweekly. Check it out on the online blog.


"On my way out I noticed Kevin Hailey of Coma and Cotton and Lynda Lucas of VEIN Jewelry. Coma and Cotton has a collection of awesome screen printed gear. The clothes have printing of nature imagery and perfectly suit San Francisco street style. He has a print of a bear that is so adorable I wanted to cuddle it immediately. The prints are on everything from sweat shirts to tshirts to tunics. Coma and Cotton is also available at Minnie Wilde, Venus Superstar, Mingle, Park Life, Needles and Pens, Still Life, Rare Device and online at Etsy. Lucas set up right next door with her project VEIN Jewelry. Her pieces are dainty, lovely and delicate. She worked on her jewelry while sitting at the booth. She uses precious and ladylike materials like lace, whistles and miniature harmonicas. You could wear her jewelry with absolutely anything and it looks like it's made with lots of love."

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hi, low. [09 Apr 2008|09:37pm]
Hio Sf,
You aren't blowing my mind like you used to, but I still love you.
I eat bread out of a dumpster. No really it's cool. there's a super nice gourmet bakery that dumps all their bread (still wrapped in sheets of paper) that they don't sell at the end of the day. So I get free walnut brie olive french bread. Because I have no qualms.
Yesterday we found a scorpion in our basement. In sf. Let me end that sentence there.
My job is nice. I'm going to learn a lot. It's slightly boring but I feel like I'm learning more here than at any other internship. They are like my type teacher kristin on steroids. Ultra fussy and picky and exacting and perfectionist and intuitive. I don't even understand most of what they tell me, but I think isn't that the whole point? I got to go to a press check the other day and meet the designer director of the MOMA.

Went to Point Arena & stayed in the Master keeper's house. Desolate, beautiful, lonely.
Sea gulls and silence. Friends and wine. Wind, ocean, ocean, ocean.
Lots of art shows and dinner parties. The green show at EDO, the medicine show at million fishes, which my intaglio prints were included in. Mission Indie Mart went well, sold a lot o jewelry, gotta restock stores. Working on a collaboration with someone. This whole jewelry thing has practically fallen into my lap. I love doing it, & it's nice to have other people want you to do it as well.
Having said that, all those fun things, oddly enough, I miss Cincinnati. Not the city, oh hell no. Just the people. I have such an extensive & beautiful array of friends in the shitty city I call my home, particularly living in under the same roof as me. Why waste time missing it really though, when I will have it all again so soon.

I'm bad at updating.
I just wanted to show you pretty pictures.

christmas coat
the recent goods
the recents goods!
vintage and antique
for crying outloud, if that doesn't kill my computer I don't know what will.
PS. does anyone want to buy a cute 8G red ipod nano. The video kind. the PRODUCT RED (they donate money to aids in africa i think) I have a brand new one in the package still. Got it from my last internship for Christmas, but I already have a ipod. whatevers.
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Nyquil, Books, Faulkner, California, Grizzly Bear? [01 Mar 2008|12:18pm]
Creative Writing class is so good, I'm getting to work a lot of bitterness out, in forms previously mysterious to me. My professor's book just came out yesterday too, its called "Birmingham, 35 miles."
I'm an avid indiscriminant reader. I will read the back of shampoo bottles and cereal boxes and instruction sheets if there's nothing else available. My subletter left me all these books on my top shelf and let me tell you this.

I'm burning through all those easy requisite hipster/high school books like its my job. In the last threeish weeks I've started and finished "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", "Brave New World", "Middlesex", "Clockwork Orange", "Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs." and "Life of Pi". I also re-read 1984 and Lolita. & now I am starting on "Ishmael". I have thoroughly ignored "Catcher in the Rye" which I found intolerably whiney the first time I read it in junior high, can you believe that.

These books are so fluffy. I don't understand why they are so popular. With the exception of Lolita and Clockwork Orange (which I also liked the most still) I finished almost everyone of them in one to three days. And this coming from the girl who has twenty credit hours at school & doesn't sleep, so is therefore not spending much time reading. Maybe its because the last time I went on a reading craze (last november) I bought "Funeral Rites" by Jean Genet, "Suffering, Suicide and Immortality" by Schopenhauer (philosophy not fiction), & "Candide" by Voltaire. A bit heavier don't you think.

I want to get "Gravity's Rainbow" & "A Picture of Dorian Grey."
Ps. I am so confused by punctuation and quotation marks.

Anyway, about half my class is comprised of completely fascinating people who are really talented writers. I'm in good company. We're tentatively planning a trip to New Orleans this summer to visit Faulkner & Tennesse Williams respective houses.

I am going back to San Francisco, again. Wanted to go to NY because I've already been to co-op in CA twice and I'm moving there when I graduate, but I realized the job I really wanted was in SF. It's not like it's going to kill me haha. I love it there so much. I am now working for Volume Inc. SF. They are sooo awesome I seriously can't wait. Its going to be an entirely different experience, because they are not package oriented. They are focused on print and have done BEAUTIFUL work for the MOMA(Museum of Modern Art), AIGA, ReadyMade Magazine, Chow,SF Jewish Film Festival & Chronicle Books. Eric, who interviewed me, assured me they have a crazy focus on sustainability and social responsibility and try to bring that to every project that they work on. It's going to be an interesting experience, it's super small, with only 4-6 people the two main prinicipals also teach at the California College of Arts. I'm hoping for a bit of a mentorship experience. I'm also hoping working for a place that is more in line with my interests will really help to polish me and lend me some sophistication. It's more conscious, more aware, more design for designers than to just promote consumerism, & that is what I am definetly headed towards, Design with a capital D.

Check em out. www.volumesf.com

Constantly listening to Grizzly Bear, Beirut, & Six Organs of Admittance. Good sick music I suppose. Kevin, John, Katie and I saw a Grizzly Bear in real life in Yosemite last Thanksgiving, on Thanksgiving Day. It was scary & about twenty feet away from us. True story, I feared for my life.

Ps.I am insanely sick right now, I have been sleeping 14 hours everynight, turning down sweet parties left and right, I have flourescent snot and shards of glass have mysteriously appeared in my lungs and I have a fever and chills. I am so doped up on nyquil/dayquil now, forgive my meandering post.
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on the brighter side of things. [01 Feb 2008|02:10am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

on the brighter side of things.
Neon orange/pink gauze tunic tank Lux (I forget how I got this, I think it's somehow related to kevin)
cream sweater dress - thrifted
hot pink tights - amalia's present to me three.five years ago
cream belt with gold buckle - casa blanca vintage
necklace- gold mini sewing kit tube from disco stuuu's house of vintage insanity.
GOLD BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!! from st. vincent de pauls thrift store.


I want to go pick flowers, but all I get is freezing rain in my face:(
I need a break from Cincinnati, even though I've only been here three point five weeks.
I figured out I have been to about ten million places in the last year. I have lived or visited San Francisco, Oakland, Chicago, New York City (& Brooklyn), St. Petersburg FL, Tampa FL, St. Augustine FL, Lake Tahoe (CA & Nevada side), Yosemite CA, San Jose, Half Moon Bay, Muir Woods, Napa Valley, Healdsberg. Oh yeah and cincinnati and columbus. Can't forget those. Anyway why can't I seem to get some darned pictures up? Because I am taking 20 credit hours, making jewelry, getting my etsy site together, getting things together to send to Chicago stores, working on my portfolio, learning intaglio print-making & trying to keep a stiff upper lip about weather that I deeply hate.
I was looking into going to Copenhagen for a study abroad quarter this summer focused on jewelry or scandanavian print-making on textiles, but no monies as of now.
Procrastinating my shower and sleepy time.

Watch the video for OOIOO umo RIGHT NOW!!!! you will love it I promise.

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how could i not? do you blame me? [18 Apr 2007|02:12am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I never want to come back. Ever. The only reason I have to is because of this, & others like these.

I still don't know how to make an lj cut.

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order:disorder [28 Feb 2007|09:15am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Not an lj person much anymore but I figured I would copycat amalia & update on important life news.
I will be going to San Francisco for spring quarter to intern at a lovely place called Turner Duckworth. (www.turnerduckworth.com)
I'm really excited.
I've been really blessed this quarter with four out of five of the places I applied to extending me straight-up offers and the fifth place I was their third choice. (A sixth place never responded) I had my pick of Turner Duckworth SF, Old Navy SF, Vehicle SF, and Clifford Stoltze in Boston.

Vehicle and Clifford both extended offers to me after I had accepted Turner and Clifford even wrote me an amazingly nice email telling me how much he loved my work, it was some of the best work he'd seen in a fourth year (I'm only a 3rd year?) and was bummed he had put off talking to Sandy till it was too late and to consider them for future internships and post-graduation employment. That email really made my day.

I'll be in Cali for late march, april, may, and early june.
& then if things work out, return for three more months in the fall.
I was actually born in California but was too young to remeber it!
So if you felt like making a cross country road trip...Do it now!
I am told there is an excellent vegetarian sushi place across the street from Turner.
which is good because me and meat are taking a break, that might possibly extend for forever. we shall see.
Megan gave me tons of pamplets of things to do once I get there.
I think that once I see the redwood forrest I am going to lay down in the ground and faint with happiness.

I am inspired by iconoclasm, by problem-solvers, by dadaists. By other people who live here in Cincinnati who are inspired by chance, process and imagination to question everything even the structure of music and art itself. By Piet Zwart, "typotekt", by the discipline of the Swiss. I am inspired by nature, by statistical data, mechanical proliferations, exploration, experimentation.
I actually really like Gordon's seminar.

I've decided I want to go to graduate school at Yale. Everytime I tell my mom that she laughs. This is not a good sign.
Yale has an amazing graphic design program that is "social-consciousness" based and not focused on commercial. Seeing as I ultimately want to improve the quality of life for people here on planet earth, and do more than sell them needless garbage, this would be a good place to go. However, I should probably pay off my school loans first.

(suck fest)

Summary of suckfest: my return flight in june leaves from San Fran at 11:30 in the evening on saturday , is an overnight flight, arrives at FIVE THIRTY AM in chicago, where I will have a three hour layover, then another two hour flight to dayton, then an hour drive home, where, I will have to move back into my clifton house after having had no sleep, in one afternoon, before school at 9AM on monday. awesome!

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"The Tyrannosaurus was probably just a common scavenger" [12 Jan 2006|12:37pm]
[ mood | machines don't have moods. ]

Isn't that sad? I feel lied to and crushed now that I know T-rex wasn';t really the murderous blood thirsty killer I thought he was.
I am eating a delicious tangerine from my grandpa's citrus orchard.
delicious. Tonight Me and Lindsay get free facials because Janine's sister is doing a free demonstration... which will be all girly and shit, which is cool i guess because I have been working myself sick and not sleeping. I left this morning and my bf amalia (she is the swellest) was sleeping in one bed on one side of the room, and my other bf nick was on the other, it was a nice cozy moment.
I quit all freelance jobs except the kids book. But homework and portfolios and mailaway and seminars and meetings.. everything has become ridiculous and its only the second week, and I hear it gets way worse. Im completely overwhelmed right now.
However, the sun is shining, I am eating my tangerine, I am going to Karl's show tonight, and I am wearing black and yellow. I love black and yellow. And tomorrow is the eighties party. I guess the eighties are ok.
Sayonara Suckers,
love, lynda

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<3<3 vomit. [16 Sep 2005|02:52am]
[ mood | nauseated ]

Today our electricity was out for nine hours straight! I had to pack in the dark by candlelight and finally I just gave up.
I guess I will be packing more to-morrow!
So I went to nicks and we listened to 70's scifi electronica and danced on his bed which led to jumping on his bed, which led to bumping our heads on the ceiling, while ryan laughed maniacally and squirted us with his long range water gun and made sailor faces, and poor britney tried to do her math homework.
the end.
my tummy hurts.
i cant wait to see my pretty girls amalia and claudia! get me out of this house with no electricity!
i am almost finished with my track jacket design for future destination records! its pretty sweet ill post it later!
i should go to sleep before i throw up!
dear dear dear sweet black velvet painting of elvis. your cheesey grin is the light of my world
lynda c. lucas.

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one more robot///sympathy [06 Apr 2005|10:51am]
[ mood | ha! ]

if you have any questions or need directions im me my screename is blue pencil sky
<3<3<3 please come i bet you have nothing cooler to do than dress up in foil, play lazer tag and dance at a gay bar.

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[24 Jan 2005|02:01am]
[ mood | cold ]


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